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Benji is Sacred Scribble

Reiki Courses, Intuitive Body Work, Transformational Breath Work, Raise the Vibration Sacred Ceremonies, 1 : 1 Soul Sessions, Men's Work, Sound Journey's.

Benji is Sacred Scribble

Benji is a loving husband and father of 4.

He has been a remedial massage therapist for over 12 years. He is a Reiki Master, has studied Angelic Quantam Healing, Psychosomatic therapy and Pranic Healing.

Benji has a love and talent for music, and uses sound healing as a vital part of his sacred ceremonies and private sessions. Flutes, drums, bowls, didgeridoo's, anything he can get his hands on as a healing tool, he we will use to create each tailor-made session. 

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What Sacred Friends Say

“AMAZING! Such a wonderful experience. Huge energetic shifts in such a safe and inviting space. Benji's talents are next level. The epitome of divine masculine. Heartfelt gratitude”

"Benji created such an open, safe, comfortable space. I felt like I achieved what I wanted from the session and my intentions going forward. All with the help of Benji. Keep being amazing, you rock!" 

"What a sacred space to be held and seen, especially during this time. I felt connected with everyone in the circle and the earth and universe. Absolutley brilliant!"

"Thank you for providing a safe and welcoming space. Truely amazing healing experiemnce. Beautiful husband and wife team". 

"Beautiful, honest, raw and comfortable space. Benji has a gorgeous presence that makes you feel welcomed and open to share. I loved the combination of breath work, movement, meditation and sound healing. All senses feel touched and loved". 

"Benji. Thank you for your shining brilliant energy on us all. Keep being you and sharing your light".


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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